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Emergencies - If you have a glass break emergency all you need to do is call our expienced glaziers on 6553 4848.

We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

We also process insurance claims from all companies, reducing the time and effort required by you..


Wingham Windows
15 Farquhar Street

Ph/Fax: 02 6553 4848

Email: sales@winghamwindows.com


No matter how big or small:

The smallest item we've repaired so far would have to be a lady's compact mirror! The mirror had been in her family for generations.

The largest repair job would be shop front windows, but we've also done unusual jobs too, like houseboats!

Glass cut to size:

Could be the fish tank, photo frames, coffee table, mirrors, louvres, cracked mirrors on the car or glass panes, give us a call and we'll cut it to size to fix it!

We also provide a range of other services including edging, polishing, cutting of holes, finger slots, fan holes, powerpoint notches etc.



Bright Idea from Wingham Windows!

No matter what it is, if it's glass and it's cracked or broken bring it in to Wingham Windows and let us take a look. Chances are, we can return it to you looking like new!

Repair service made easy :

Glass break emergency? Call us on 6553 4848 24 hours a day
Glass cut to size? Call us to see how we can help, or bring it in.
We don't just repair windows. We do a wide range of products

Call 6553 4848 or email us at sales@winghamwindows.com

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