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Doors and wardrobes: Simple good looks, fantastic storage solutions along with security and peace of mind.

Doors are easy to clean with low maintenance rust-free finishes, can reduce heat loss by up to 40% and exceed maximum cyclone rating for housing (takes up to 110kph winds)

Wardrobe Doors are fully colour compatible with windows and showerscreen products and have baked powdercoat finishes with unlimited colours. All have rounded extrusions for soft good looks. Our wardrobes are made chemically resistant with durable materials to prevent pitting or marking with age.


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Doors and Wardrobes


The clean lines of the Bradnam's sliding doors are available in a wide range of aesthetic styles and colours to suit any design criteria.

With flexibility in the configurations you can choose from, the sliding door maximises opening sizes to allow greater access, natural light, ventilation and views that bring the outdoors in.

Sliding doors are compatible with other Bradnam's windows products, enabling you to select colonial and federation bars, toughened glass, custom screens and locking options.

We can also provide you with full locking options to increase security and safety. Another advantage is that the slider is located internally, further increasing security.



Dias sliding wardrobe doors add practical space saveing solutions, simple good looks and beauty to any home.

These wardrobes have a mirror finish and an extensive frame colour choice allowing decorating freedome to suit any situation or desired decor.

Our aluminium frames are manufactured for maximum strength and durability, and present a baked powdercoat finish which resists scratching, chalking or fading.

The superior V track system allows the doors to slide steadily and effortlessly along the track. Any roller adjustments that are needed can be made quickly and easily.



Bright Idea from Wingham Windows!

In one or two meetings we can assist in organising window and door requirements and commence manufacturing on-site, ready to be installed when you are ready!

With doors, you options are practically limitless:

FRENCH DOORS - We offer a wide range of imaginative design options for the ever popular french doors. where space is a premium, our doors can be opened 180 degrees. Of course our range of doors are compatible with our windows products.

STACKER DOORS - Let the outdoors in with our range of stacker doors featuring a maximised glass area, flexibility in sliding configurations and clean site lines. Our doors accomodate custom fitted screens and full locking options are available. You can also choose to enhance climate control with double glazing, or add design features such as colonial and federation bars.

BI-FOLD DOORS - Alspec Bi-Fold doors are in a class of their own. Best used when open living is the main objective, you can choose left of right opening directions to suit the layout of your home. You can also select whether your bi-fold doors are top hung or bottom rolling. Other features include concealed hinge fixing and damage-limiting stop gear to avoid over opening the folding panels.

ENTRY DOORS - If natural light and views are important in the design of your home then consideration of entry door frames are a must. With flexibility in design and opening arrangements, you have control over the final presentation of your entranceway. Aluminum frames add strength with no bowing or sticking compared to conventional timber surrounds, and these frames come recessed for gyprock - a clean edge finish with no requirement for architrave.

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